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Genus: Atractoscion, Weakfishes

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D X-XI, 21-23, deep notch
inner pectoral base: black blotch
no canines
13-17 gill rakers
preopercle smooth
belly with ridge
A: II, 9-10, thin, short spines





Body elongate, fusiform, compressed, oval cross-section; eye moderate; mouth opens at front, weakly oblique, lower jaw slightly projecting; no barbel or pores under chin; preopercle with smooth edge; raised ridge down center of belly; dorsal with long base, deep notch between spiny and soft parts, X-XI, 21-23; anal fin II thin, short spines, 9-10 rays; pectoral and pelvics short; tail straight to slightly concave; scales small, all rough except smooth around eye; fins not scaly.

This genus has two species, occurs in the east Atlantic and the south western Indian Ocean y southwestern Pacific as well as in the north limit of our region; where it is represented by one temperate species endemic to the eastern Pacific.