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Genus: Cynoscion, Weakfishes

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elongate, compressed
mouth large, oblique
front of top jaws: 1 pair long canines
preopercle smooth/serrated
A: 2nd spine short weak, 8-20 rays



Body elongate, fusiform, compressed, oval cross-section; head low, not spongy on top; eye moderate; mouth large, oblique; front of top jaws with 1 pair of large pointed canines; no barbels or pores on chin; preoperculum smooth; top corner of gill opening notched; dorsal with long base, deep notch, VII-XI slender spines, 20-30 rays; anal fin with II small (< ½ length of 1st ray) weak spines, 7-13 rays; scales large, rough on body, smooth on head; the lateral line extends to the center of the end of the tail fin.

A new world, tropical to warm temperate genus with about 24 species; 12 species in and endemic to our region.