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Genus: Larimus, Drums

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body short, oblong, compressed
mouth very oblique, lower jaw projecting
A: 6 rays, 2nd spine strong, 3/4 length 1st ray



Body short, oblong, compressed; back humped; head short, compressed; snout short; eye large; mouth large, very oblique; lower jaw projecting; chin with 2-4 minute pores, no barbels; teeth small and sharp, in 1-2 rows; gill rakers 28-36, long and slender; preopercular margin smooth to slightly serrate, without large spines; top corner of gill opening notched; tail with slight to moderate angular point; dorsal fin deeply notched; anal fin II, 2nd spine 2/3 length 1st ray, 6-7; scales rough on body, smooth on head and fins; the lateral line extends to the center of the end of the tail fin.

A new world, tropical to subtropical genus with 7 species; 3 occurring as regional endemics in the tropical eastern Pacific.