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Genus: Micropogonias, Croakers

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snout prominent, overhanging
chin: 3-5 pairs short barbels
preopercle: strongly toothed, spines at angle
A: 7-8 rays, 2nd spine strong



Elongate, moderately compressed; prominent, overhanging snout; 3-5 inconspicuous barbels along inner side of lower jaw; eye moderately large; border of preopercle with strong teeth, spines at angle; top corner of gill opening notched; spiny dorsal relatively high, 3rd spine longest; 26-30 soft dorsal rays; 2nd anal spine robust, > half length of 1st anal ray, 7-9; tail with angular point; the lateral line extends to the center of the end of the tail fin.

A new world tropical to temperate genus with 6 species; 3 occurring in and endemic to the tropical eastern Pacific.