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Genus: Seriphus, Croakers

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elongate, compressed
D1 & D2 well separated
mouth at front
no large canines
preopercle smooth
A 21-23, spines short, thin





Body elongate, compressed; mouth large, slightly oblique, opens at front, lower jaw slightly projecting; teeth pointed, 1-2 rows, no large canines; 2 pores on chin, no barbels; snout with 8 pores; gill rakers moderately long, slender; preopercle border smooth to serrated; dorsal fin VIII-IX + I spines, 1st  dorsal short, separated from soft part by large gap; anal base long, spines short, thin; pectorals short; tail slightly concave; scales rough on body, smooth on head; soft dorsal and anal entirely scaled.

The single warm temperate species in this genus enters the northern fringe of our region.