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Genus: Roncador, Croakers

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snout blunt, overhanging
pectoral base: large black blotch
horizontal mouth
throat: molar teeth
preopercle weakly serrated
A: 8, 2nd spine slender, 3/4 1s ray



Body elongate, high; mouth under overhanging snout; snout with 10 pores; chin with 5 pores, no barbels;  jaw teeth simple, in bands; throat teeth heavy, molar-like; preopercle finely serrated; dorsal low, with X+I spines, deep notch between spiny and soft parts; anal with II spines, 2nd  spine slender, ~ ¾ length 1st  ray; pectoral longer than pelvic; tail edge ~ straight; all scales rough; soft dorsal and anal without scales.

An eastern Pacific genus with a single warm temperate species present in and endemic to the northern fringe of our region.