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Genus: Cheilotrema, Croakers

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oblong, compressed
D 24-28 rays
mouth under snout
preopercle finely serrated
top operculum: large black blotch
A: 2nd spine large, 6-7



Body high, oblong, moderately compressed; forehead profile oblique, snout pointed; mouth a little below; chin with 5 pores, no barbels; preopercle finely serrated to smooth; anal short, II spines, 2nd  spine heavy, as long as 1st  ray, 6-9 rays; dorsal fin X, I, 24-28, with deep notch between spiny and soft parts; pectoral short; tail edge straight; scales rough except smooth around eye; inner 1/3 of soft dorsal and inner 3/4 of anal scaly.

An antitropical warm temperate eastern Pacific genus with 2 (possibly only one) species that enter the northern and southern fringes of our region.