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Genus: Cilus, Drums

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elongate, compressed
D 21-23 rays
mouth large, oblique, opens at front
teeth in bands, no canines
preopercle weakly serrated
22-29 gill rakers
A: II, 9, 2da espina robusta





Body elongated, compressed and with raised profile; eye large; mouth large, oblique, opens at front; teeth in bands, without canines; chin with a pair of pores on each side and a hole in center, without barbels; preoperculum weakly serrated; dorsal fin IX-X, 21-22, spines long, slender, with deep notch between spiny and soft parts; anal fin II,8-10, 2nd spine slender, about 2/3 length of longest ray; tail concave; scales smooth on body, rough on head.

This genus contains a single species, with is endemic to the south-eastern Pacific, and enters the southern fringe of our region.