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Genus: Pareques, Drums, Highhats, Croakers

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D: 32-45 rays
juveniles & sometimes adults striped
mouth small, horizontal, under snout
preopercle weakly serrated
A: 6-8 , 2nd spine strong



Body oblong, deep; snout overhangs horizontal mouth; top jaw notched, encloses lower; chin with 5 pores, no barbels; preopercle weakly serrated; top corner of gill opening notched; dorsal fin with long base, deep notch between spiny and soft parts, spiny part high but < head length, 38-44 rays; anal fin with short base, II, 2nd spine slender, 7-8; scales rough on body, smooth on head; soft dorsal and anal fins with thick sheaths of scales; the lateral line extends to the center of the end of the tail fin.

A tropical to warm temperate genus endemic to the eastern Pacific, with 7 species, 3 of them endemic to our region, and one southern temperate species that enter the fringe of our region.