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Genus: Bairdiella, Croakers

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body oblong, compressed
snout short
mouth large, opens ~ at front
no canines; lower teeth conical, on narrow crest
preopercle strongly serrate, + spines
A: 2nd spine robust, very long; 8-9



Body elongate, oblong, compressed; head narrow, cavernous but firm to touch; snout short, blunt; chin without barbels, with pores; mouth large (reaching to under rear edge of eye), a little oblique, opens at front; teeth conical, in narrow rows; top corner of gill opening notched; longest gill raker longer than ½ gill filament behind it; preopercle serrated, large spines at angle; dorsal fin deeply notched between spines and rays; anal fin II, 8-10;  tail fin bluntly rounded to bluntly angular; almost all scales rough; the lateral line extends to the center of the end of the tail fin.

A new world genus of 5 species, with 3 species present in our region, as endemics.