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Genus: Elattarchus, Drums, Croakers

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elongate, compressed
mouth large, oblique
2 large canines - lower front jaws
preopercle angle: 5-6 spines, lowest points down
A: 2nd spine long, thin, 8-9



Body moderately elongate, compressed; snout blunt; eye moderately large; mouth large, oblique, opens at front; chin without barbels, with 5 pores; a row of canine teeth on each jaw, with enlarged pair at front of lower jaw; black half-moon at inside front of lower jaw; longest gill raker > ½ length of gill filaments; preopercle strongly serrated at lower corner, lowest spine points down; 2nd anal spine long (¾ length of first ray); pectorals long, reach past pressed down pelvics; tail edge straight; scales rough on body, smooth elsewhere.

The single species in this genus is endemic to the tropical eastern Pacific.