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Genus: Totoaba, Totoabas

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elongate, compressed
D 23-25 rays
mouth large, oblique, opens at front
no large canines
preopercle smooth
A 7-8, 2nd spine 2/3 1st ray



Elongate, fusiform, compressed; head pointed; eye moderate size; mouth large, oblique, lower jaw a little projecting; snout with 5 pores; chin with 6 pores, no barbels; teeth in narrow bands, pointed but not canines; preopercle smooth; dorsal fin strongly notched but not divided, X + I, 23-26 rays; anal fin short based (7-8 soft rays), 2nd  spine moderate (~ 2/3 length of 1st  ray); tail bluntly (strongly in juveniles) pointed; scales rough on head and body, smooth under head; soft dorsal and anal fins without scales.

A single subtropical to temperate species of this genus, which is endemic to the northern edge of our region.