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Genus: Orthopristis, Grunts

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soft D & A no scales on membranes between rays (outside basal scale sheath)
body scales - no small accessory scales
A: 2nd & 3rd spines similar



Elongate, elliptical, strongly compressed; rear margin of bone under eye concealed by scales; mouth short, ends before eye, with thin lips, usually not red inside; chin with 2 front pores plus a longitudinal groove; preopercle finely serrated, lower serrations do not point forwards; dorsal fin without notch, XII-XIII, 12-15; anal fin with long base, III, 9-13, 2nd spine not much thicker and longer than 3rd; scales over entire body and head except front of snout, lips and chin; body scales without small accessory scales; soft dorsal and anal scaleless; no dark stripes or bars.

A new world, tropical to warm temperate genus with 8 species; 6 eastern Pacific species, with 5 in our region.