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Family: LOBOTIDAE, Tripletails

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D & A: large soft lobes = 2 extra "tails"
roof of mouth - no teeth
opercle - no exposed spines





Moderately large fishes (to ~1.1 m); body oval to oblong, somewhat compressed; top jaw slightly protrusible; no teeth on roof of mouth; preopercle strongly serrated; operculum with 2 flat, hidden spines; dorsal fin with XII strong spines, 15-16 soft rays, no notch between spiny and soft part; anal fin III, 11; soft dorsal and anal fins high, with rounded ends, reaching well past base of tail fin, giving appearance to symmetrical extra tails; pectorals shorter than pelvics; tail fin rounded, with 15 branched rays; scales moderate sized, rough, covering body and head except before and below eyes and jaws, bases of dorsal and anal fins scaled.

A circumglobal, tropical to subtropical family with one genus and two species. One apparently endemic species occurs in our region.