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Genus: Pristigenys, Catalufas

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body a deep oval
eye very large
D: center spines longest
preopercle edge - scaly, no spine



Body deep, robust, broadly oval, thick; a large, upturned, oblique mouth with a projecting lower jaw; no spines on the head; preopercle without spine in adults; fin spines with tiny spines; dorsal fin X (middle spines longest), 10-12 (usually 11), anal III, 10; pectoral 16-19; tail rounded; pelvics of moderate length, inserted under pectoral base, broadly fused to belly; scales very rough, extremely so on head, present on rear of preopercle, large on body (36-51 on lateral line); 9-13 rows above lateral line.

This circumtropical genus, with 4 species, occurs in tropical and subtropical parts of all 3 oceans. One species is endemic to the tropical eastern Pacific.