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Genus: Heteropriacanthus, Glasseyes

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fins spotted
preopercle - large flat spine, rear edge scaleless



Body oval, strongly compressed; head profile nearly symmetrical above and below; a large, upturned, oblique mouth with a projecting lower jaw; tip of lower jaw at level of body midline; no spines on the head; rear of preopercle without scales, with fine ridges, with large flat spine at its angle; gill rakers 21-25; fin spines with tiny spines; dorsal fin X, 12-13, spines not increasing in length towards rear of fin; anal fin III, 13-14; pectoral rays 18-19 (usually 18); pelvics relatively short, < head length, broadly fused to belly; tail fin slightly rounded; scales relatively large, 9-12 rows above lateral line, 63-81 pored scales on lateral line.

A single circumtropical species is known from this genus.