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Genus: Rypticus, Soapfishes

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forehead oblique
spines - operculum 3, preoperculum 2-3
A: no spines



Body elongate, very compressed; forehead oblique; 2 pairs of nostrils, anterior tubular; lower jaw projecting; rear of top jaw exposed when mouth closed, without accessory bone above it; simple teeth in bands on jaws; 2-3 spines on preopercle; 3 spines on operculum; gill opening restricted above, most of upper part of operculum bound to body by skin; dorsal fin II-III, 23-28; anal fin without spines, 14-18 rays; median fins thick, fleshy; rounded tail and pectoral fins; scales imbedded.

A tropical genus of 9 species found in the east and West Atlantic as well as our region, where it is represented by 3 endemics.