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Genus: Pseudogramma, Reef-Basses

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forehead convex
spines - operculum 0, preopercle 1



Body elongate, compressed; head short, compressed, forehead convex; rear of top jaw exposed when mouth closed, without accessory bone above it; preopercle with single large spine at upper corner; operculum without visible spines; small simple teeth in bands on jaws and center (V shaped) and sides of roof of mouth, with 1-2 pairs of small canines at front of top jaw; gill opening restricted above, with most of top of operculum bound to body by skin; dorsal fin with VII spines (rarely VI or VIII), 18-24 rays; anal fin with III spines, 14-20 rays; tail rounded; lateral line interrupted below posterior part of soft dorsal fin, reappearing lower down on side; scales small, rough.

A pantropical genus with 11 species; 2 found in the tropical eastern Pacific are endemic to there.