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Genus: Mycteroperca, Groupers, Bacalaos

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body elongate, deepest at A origin
D: XI, 15-18
A: 10-13



Body elongate, robust, compressed, depth at dorsal origin not greater than at anal origin; body deepest at anal fin origin; snout much longer than eye; lower jaw projecting; rear of top jaw exposed when mouth closed, without accessory bone above it; teeth depressible; canines at front of jaws; preopercle serrated, serrae at corner sometimes enlarged; tail straight to concave, often with projecting rays; dorsal fin with X-XI spines, 15-18 rays; anal fin with III spines, 10-13 rays; scales on flanks rough to smooth, 67-96 on lateral line.

This genus, which contains 26 species, is restricted to the Atlantic and eastern Pacific, where there are five endemic species.