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379 Beebe, W. and Tee-Van, J. 1938 Eastern Pacific expeditions of the New York Zoological Society, XV. Seven new marine fishes from Lower California. Zoologica Vol.23 pp.299-312
1373 León-Castro, H., Ruiz-Campos, G., García, J.A. and Pedrín-Osuna, O.A. 1993 Escorpénidos (Pisces, Scorpaenidae) de Isla Guadalupe, Baja California. In: S.I. Salazar-Vallejo & N.E. González (eds.), Biodiversidad marina y costera de México. Com. Nal. Biodiversidad y CIQROMéxico, pp.319-327
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2495 Orr, J.W., Brown, M.A., Baker, D.C. 2000 Guide to rockfishes (Scorpaenidae) of the genera Sebastes, Sebastolobus, and Adelosebastes of the northeast Pacific Ocean, second edition U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-117 pp.47 p.
2520 Reyes-Bonilla, H., Ayala-Bocos, A., Gonzalez-Romero, S., Sanchez-Alcantara, I., Walter Mendoza, M., Bedolla-Guzman, Y., Ramirez-Valdez, A., Calderon-Aguilera, L., Olivares-Banuelos, N. 2010 Checklist and biogeography of fishes from Guadalupe Island, Western Mexico. CalCOFL Rep. Vol.51 pp.195-209

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