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153 McCarthy, L.V. 1979 Eastern Pacific Rypticus (Pisces: Grammistidae). Copeia Vol.1979 issue 3 pp.393-400
190 Ricker, K.E. 1959 Fishes collected from the Revillagigedo Islands during the 1954-1958 cruises of the "Marijean." Univ. Brit. Columbia Inst. Fish., Mus. Contrib. Vol.4 pp.10pp
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1078 Castro-Aguirre, J. L. and Balart, E. F. 2002 La ictiofauna de las islas Revillagigedos y sus relaciones zoogeograficas, con comentarios acerca de su origen y evolucion. En: Lozano-Vilano, M. L. (Ed.). Libro Jubilar en Honor al Dr. Salvador Contreras Balderas. Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo LeónMonterreyMéxico, pp.153-170
2471 Sala, E. and Sanchez-Ortiz, C.A. 2006 An ecological and economic baseline for the Revillagigedo Archipielago Biosphere Reserve, Mexico. Report to the University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS) Project Period 7/1/2005 - 7/1/2006. pp.64 pp.

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