Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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  • very elongate, compressed
    D1: VIII-XIII isolated spines
    D2&A small, at rear
    C: rounded
    snout tubular, compressed
  • elongate, ~ cylindrical
    D XXIV-XXVII isolated short spines
    D2 & A small, at rear
    mouth small, at end long, flexible tube
    no scales
  • head robust
    between eyes: narrow, + ridges
    back: 2 rows blue spots
    D, A & C grey
    C filament long, white
    D 15-17; A 14-16
  • head slender
    between eyes - wide, smooth
    back orange
    D, A & C reddish
    C filament short, dark
    D 17-20; A 16-19