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  • large eye
    snout short
    upper side 4-5 bars
    lower side: 10-12 round blotches
    D1 & C: bars
    LL 59-63
    A: 8-9, base < D base
  • mouth ends under eye
    end top jaw wide
    red brown + yellow
    male: D front filament
    C: bony scales at base
    tongue with teeth
    scales: rough, head & body
  • large eye, pupil teardrop shaped, green
    D1 on front 1/3 body
    adipose D2 over A
    lower jaw projects, with bony tip
    anus nearer pelvics than A
  • large eye
    snout short, blunt point
    LL 8-9 oval blotches
    operculum dark blotch
    chin knob
    LL 45-50
    A: 10-11, base < D base
  • snout long, pointed
    back mottled brown, row 8 blotches midside
    pelvic yellowish
    LL to D: 7 rows scales
    pectoral passes pelvic base
    A 11-14, base = D base