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  • back not humped
    top lip narrow
    pectoral: deeply notched, top rays longest, 22
    pelvic spine short
    longitudinal scales 50
  • humpbacked; large eye
    head very spiny, spines branched, nape spiny
    red + white spots
    D spines I-III white
    fin borders white
    pectoral: center rays longest, 18
  • D XVI, 3rd spine ~4th
    gill rakers 18-23
    gill chamber pale
    pectoral: deep rear notch
  • D XV, 3rd spine v long
    gill chamber black
    pectoral: shallow rear notch
  • humped back
    red + black blotches - head, body & fins
    top lip broad
    pectoral: deeply notched, top rays longest, 22-23
    pelvic spine long
    longitudinal scales 59-60