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  • ribbon-like, tapering to point, no C
    long snout; large eye
    D III, low, very long base, no notch
    lower jaw projects
    large fangs
    no pelvics; A = tiny, imbedded spines
  • very elongate, very compressed
    D1 deep notch, XXVI-XXXII, low, long base
    D2 & A: 5-7 finlets behind
    2 LL along back
    tail base - no keels
  • elongate
    long narrow snout
    slender tapering tail
    D & A join C
    jaws long, pointed, top one overhanging
    pectoral present
  • elongate, slender, compressed
    long head; large eye
    D1 XX, long base
    D2 & A: 2 finlets behind
    1 straight LL
    pelvic = 1 tiny spine
    A: II free spines, 1st large