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  • bottom of head & body flattened
    head broad, depressed
    crecent bar under D1
    oblique bar above pectoral base
    pelvics in disc
    2-3 papillae under gill cover
  • nape with scales
    eyes look to side
    cheek - dark stripe
    flank - row dark blotches
    space between Ds < / 1 / 3 D1 base
    body: lower 1/3 pale
    pectoral: top ray tip not free, usually 21 or less
    D2 I, 11-12; A I, 10-11
  • opercle - black blotch
    chin - black
    D red + white border
    A black stripe
    shoulder- 1 skin flap
  • uniformly light
    shoulder: 2 skin flaps
  • head narrow; knob on snout
    white spot behind eye
    back: 6 double white spots
    top jaw ~ reaches gill opening
  • head large, depressed; groove across nape
    side- row dark spots
    C base - Y shaped blotch
    top jaw extends onto opercle
    male: A - black stripe