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  • pale grey + faint pale bars
    C - dark + 2 white stripes
    lateral scales 67-76
    no rough scales under pectoral
    D1 oval dark blotch
  • nape with crest
    D spines short
    under D1: male: dark spot + blue bar; female: yellow bar
    D2 yellow stripe
    pelvics black + white margin
    body scales smooth
    C: central red stripe, red dots above
  • nape almost no crest
    both sexes - long D spines
    male: nape & side - yellow spots on blue blotch
    male: A yellow
    female: pectoral base - 2 blue spots
    female: under D1: blue bar + 2 pale bars
    female: rear body pale
  • nape almost no crest
    D: spine V - short filament
    silvery tan + silver bars
    head - dark streaks + dots
  • no nape crest
    D1: long spines in male
    flank - narrow short dark bars
    D2: 3 rows orange spots
    A margin & lower C margin orange