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  • very elongate
    snout broad, swollen, overhanging
    D origin ~ mid-trunk
    tail: ~ 2/3 TL, flexible
    C obvious, joins A & D
    pectoral tiny ( < eye)
  • very elongate
    front nostril not elevated
    D origin on head
    tail: < 1/2TL, tip hard, blunt, finless
    top front teeth exposted in groove under snout
    gill opening: axis oblique low on side,
    no pectorals
  • snout overhanging, underneath with folds
    D: origin on head
    tail tip soft, with C
    head & lower jaw: dense papillae
    head pores raised
    no pectorals
  • nape to snout: dense papillae
    head pores raised
    D: origin on head
    tail tip hard, finless
    snout overhanging, no groove underneath
    gill openings underneath, oblique, converging
    no pectorals
  • snout overhangs mouth
    D origin just before anus
    LL ends near anus
    head pores on lower jaw only
    pectoral small, above gill opening
  • eye minute
    snout overhanging
    extremely elongate, cylindrical
    D: head & neck only
    tail < 1/4 TL, no C
    no pectorals or A
  • tiny eyes
    mouth long, opens at front
    D origin over gill opening
    tail ~ 3/4 TL
    D & A join soft C
    no pectoral
    gill opening low
    no LL