Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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  • front light brown + dark mottling
    rear: brown + short, narrow white bars
    margin of tail yellow
  • above eye: rear nostril (a hole) + a pore
    D & A: low crests, at rear of tail
    tail: tip hard, pointed
    brown + white stars;
    tail tip white
  • head large, wide
    jaws short, wide
    dark + pale lichen-like blotches
    tail tip yellow
  • rear nostril = hole over eye
    brown + pale mottling
    tail-tip yellow
    D & A on tail
    1 pore above gill opening
  • rear nostril: short tube over eye
    brown +/- white blotches
    D & A on tail
    2 pores beforer gill opening