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  • eye & nape cirri hand-like
    D: 1 ray, 1st spine long
    body - 5 bars
    C base -bar
    pelvic rays 3&2 fused
    LL 35-36
    nape & pectoral base scaled
  • each scale with small flap
    D: no rays, front hight, 1-2 ocelli at rear
    mottled red-brown, white flecks
    LL 32-37
    scales with skin flaps
  • body & A 6-7 bars
    eye cirrus branched
    D: 1 ray
    C base - 2 semicircular bars
    oblique bar from eye
    border operculum & preoperculum: row spots
    LL 39
    nape & pectoral base scaled