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  • side nape dark blotch
    cheek: brown stripe; opercle: dark blotch
    flank: 5 dark blotches
  • D1: black spot, orange margin
    C - 2 orange stripes
    behind mouth: blotch, continues as line
    pelvic - white + black margin
  • flank: short bars
    cheek: 2 dark stripes
    pectoral base: large black spot
    28-35 lateral scales
  • very elongate
    eye small, on top
    Ds partly joined
    D & A not joined to C
    D & C spotted
    mouth large, oblique
    teeth conical
  • back - oblique saddles
    mid-side - row of blotches
    belly wavy bars
    cheek & pectoral base - silvery
    50-73 lateral scales