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  • snout & top lip no papillae
    D 8-10, well behind pectoral
    pale + dense brown spots
    belly: 2 rows large brown spots
    lower jaw: 2 rows teeth
    anus nearer sucker than A
  • head papillae small, 0 to few on front top lip
    D 11-13, dark spot at front, well behind pectoral
    dense dark brown spots, rear - faint bars
    anus ~ midway sucker to A
  • head; large papillae
    D 12-14, well behind pectoral
    body: dark spots & streaks
    D & A: dark stripes
    center top lip 2 small papillae, none on snout above those
    anus near A
    C base: dark bar
  • head: long papillae
    top lip: 2 rows papillae
    D 14-15
    light brown + dense dark spots & streaks
    chin - 3 rows papillae + 2 pairs barbels
    anus near A