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  • snout rounded, overhanging
    top lip wrinkled
    D: deep notch
    LL: short arch over pectoral
    lower head - thin bars
    flank - row square dark blotches
  • eyes & nape - no cirri
    very elongate
    eye divided
    A II, 24
  • nape: warts, side groove to eye
    eye: tuft small cirri
    lower head: dark & light bars
    body: wavy dark bars
    D: shallow notch
    no canines
  • eye: 1 simple cirrus
    lower head: red bars
    D: front - white blotch + 2 red spots
    flank: row white blotches
    no canines
  • 1 bushy eye cirrus
    eye: 2 bars under, crescent behind
    D: ~ no notch after spines
    mottled brown, saddles under D
    no canines
  • eye: 1 short branched cirrus
    dark bar behind eye
    front D - elongate dark blotch
    back - dark + network pale spots
    D & A join C
    no canines
  • eye cirrus - 1 bushy
    groove: nape to eye
    D: almost no notch
    back: 6-7 dark saddles
    eye: brown blotch + blue spot behind, 3-4 bars under
    no canines