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  • eye: 1 branched cirrus
    head: dark spots, pale oblique bar behind eye
    D: shallow notch
    LL ends under spiny D
  • cirri: eye simple, clusters on nape
    dark midside stripe with blue dots; above lines pale dots
    D white front blotch
    LL curves down to midbody just behind pectoral
    pectoral long
  • eye: 1 bushy cirrus
    head: orange dots
    D: deep notch, front - black spot
    both jaws - rear canine
    gill opening at side only
    male: grey, orange spots upper body
    female: 6 dark blotches + orange spots
  • eye: 1 serrated cirrus
    behind eyes - no notch
    D: front - white blotch + 2 red spots
    flank: row white blotches
    pectoral 11-12
    LL ends under D spine XI
  • eye cirrus: 7 or less filaments on upper 1/2-3/4
    head profile behind eyes - no notch
    D: ~ no notch after spines
    mottled brown, saddles under D
    pectoral 13-15
    LL ends over anus
  • eye cirrus - 1 bushy
    groove: nape to eye
    D: almost no notch
    back: 6-7 dark saddles
    eye: brown blotch + blue spot behind, 3-4 bars under
    no canines
  • 2 slender eye cirri
    iris orange
    D: with notch
    back: 5 red-brown bars
    behind eye: white bordered pale oblique bar
    no canines
  • eye cirrus: 1, leaflike
    under eye: dark Y bar
    D: flap on 1st spine, elongate blotch at front in male
    body - 2 rows ~ 8 blotches
    both jaws: 1 rear canine
    gill openings extend under throat
  • slender, elongate
    no cirri
    head - 3 bars; nape red-brown cross-bar
    body: thin stripes at front & rows spots behind