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  • cheek: 2 oblique stripes
    many head pores
    body heavily mottled
    fins: rows spots
    D front spines short
    side roof mouth + teeth
    LL: 65-69
    A 17-18
  • cirri: eye simple, clusters on nape
    dark midside stripe with blue dots; above lines pale dots
    D white front blotch
    LL curves down to midbody just behind pectoral
    pectoral long
  • D XX, 1st 3-4 spines high, notch after
    lower jaw: large rear canine
    opercle - dark/yellow blotch
    pectoral 13
    A 19-20
  • head female dark spots, male red
    body: mottled + 5-6 bars
    D ocellus, front spines not long
    LL 58-62
    A 17
  • male head - dense blue dots
    head cirri short
    body & fins barred + spots
    pectoral ~15
    D front spines short
    LL 68-75
    A 18-20
  • slender
    snout long, pointed
    operculum: large ocellus
    LL 55-58
    A 18
  • body: 4 bars
    fins: irregular bars
    D ocellus at front
    male red
    cheeks & operculum edge scaly
    LL 67-68
    A 18
  • nape cirri long
    D XVII-XVIII, high front
    body: 5 bars, extend onto D, ocellus between 1st 2 bars
    no canines
    LL 60-64
    pectoral 15
    A 16-17
  • body: ~ 8 bars
    dense white spots: lower head & body
    LL 64-69
    A 17-19