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  • mouth reaches past eye
    D IX + I, 19-20
    C: blunt point
    inside mouth orange
    pectoral well short pelvic tip
    scales: body rough, head & operculum smooth
    D2 & A - low scale sheath
    LL 58-68 pores
  • elongate
    D X-XI, 21-23, deep notch
    inner pectoral base: black blotch
    no canines
    belly with ridge
  • in mouth yellow
    lower jaw tip black
    D X(IX-X) +I, 19-22
    C: center point
    pectoral > pelvic
    LL 54-58
    scales: body & operculum rough, head smooth
    LL scales smaller
    D2 & A - low scale sheath
  • D VII-VIII + 1, 21-23
    C: blunt point
    mouth ends after eye, orange inside
    lower gill rakers: 9-10
    D2 & A ~all scaled
    all scales rough
  • head conical, top profile slightly concave
    D X + I, 19-21
    C: S shape, yellow
    inside operculum & pectoral base: black
    in mouth orange, dark crescent behind lower teeth
    pectoral < pelvic
    all scales rough
    D2 & A scaleless
  • elongate, compressed
    head pointed
    D 23-26; A 7-8
    LL 50-56
    mouth large, oblique
    no canines