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  • head spongy, nape scales rough
    D1 & pectorals black
    C: rounded
    roof of mouth pale
    chin with 6 pores
    preopercle: 2 spines
    gill rakers 41-43
    pectoral reaches A origin
  • head firm
    nape scales smooth
    pectoral bronze
    C: blunt point
    roof of mouth dark
    chin: 6 pores
    preopercle: 2 strong spines
    gill rakers 45-52
    pectoral reaches anus
  • head spongy
    snout v short; eye -large oval
    scales smooth - front D to LL
    chin: 4 pores, central ridge
    preopercle: 2 spines
    50-57 gill rakers
    pectoral long
    A 10-11
  • head spongy; eye large
    very short snout; mouth opens at front
    C: long point
    preopercle: 1 strong spine
    29-30 gill rakers