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  • body a deep oval
    D: center spines longest
    preopercle edge - scaly, no spine
  • red to yellow-red
    D: last spines longest
    preopercle spineless
    pelvics very long
  • fins spotted
    preopercle - large flat spine, rear edge scaleless
  • body & fins red
    pelvic: membranes black
    lateral series scales 72-84
    tail edge straight
    head profiles asymmetric
    gill rakers 19-23
    preopercle: no spine, rear edge scaly
  • head profiles asymmetric
    lateral series scales 104-115
    tail edge concave
    pelvics: red, black spot at base, dark fin membranes.
    gill rakers 30-33
    preopercle: no spine, rear edge scaly