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  • pink blotch over origin A
    C top edge red, bottom white, rows orange spots
    preopercle spur: square, not deep, 5-8 spines
    cheek 10-14 rows scales
    gill rakers 15-24
  • in mouth yellow
    belly: yellow blotch
    preopercular spur: 4-6 spines, central 2 large & diverging
    pelvics dark
    A yellow
  • yellow bar: eye to top lip
    body: thin dark bars
    soft D: row orange spots, rear rays < front rays
    D length front rays > rear rays
    preopercle spur: very deep, angular, 8-13 spines
  • eye to snout: 2 oblique yellow stripes
    eye: yellow ring
    above A: yellow blotch
    C base: dark blotch in center, 2 black spots at top
    preopercle spur: low, blunt, rounded, 7-11 spines
    cheek 10-14 rows scales
    gill rakers 22-25
  • top jaw bone deep
    body: 2 stripes + 8-10 bars
    D 2-3 rows yellow spots
    D 2-3 rows yellow spots
    preopercular spur: deep, square, 5-10 spines
    gill rakers 32-41
  • large eye
    C: black + white bar
    purple blotch over anus