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  • body: 4 double dark bars
    D: spines II-IV long, with filaments, black
    soft D 3-5 oblique orange stripes
    C: 3 orange bars, black & white spots on top edge
    preopercle spur: square, deep. 8-13 spines
  • under & behind eye: row spots join orange stripe
    D & A end & front rays ~ same height
    C: bars of orange spots
    preopercle spur deep, angular, 8-14 spines
    7-10 rows scales on cheek
  • yellow stripe on cheek -> 2-3 across operculum
    soft D: black stripe along base
    body: 4 double dark bars
    preopercular spur: deep, square, 6-12 spines
  • grey-brown + pale stripe along upperr side
    operculum: dark blotch
    preopercular spur: narrow, pointed, 4-8 spines
    A 2nd spine ~ 3rd