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  • elongate oval; very large eye
    pink; C & soft D - yellow spots
    C: forked, sharp tips
    pectoral passes A origin
    pelvic - no long rays, yellow
  • pink above, silver below, nape yellow
    large eye, iris blue
    yellow stripe: snout - operculum
    D & A: front rays long
    C red + top & bottom blue
    D spines silver, rays blue-pink
  • body: lot yellow
    C: middle rays longest
    no hook under throat
    pectoral 16-18
  • body: little yellow
    D 3rd spine very long
    C: outer rays longest
    hook under throat
    pectoral 18-20
  • fusiform
    red + yellow oblique bars
    D & A - last ray with filament
    C deeply forked
  • pink/red
    C red, yellow border, angular tips
    pectoral just reaches A origin
    pelvic - very long ray