Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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  • nostrils: front = tube, rear = hole/short tube over front edge eye
    D origin before gill opening
    center roof mouth - 1 row teeth
    gill opening - body color
  • over eye: rear nostril + pore
    D & A = low crests on tail
    tail: tip hard, pointed
  • lower jaw projecting
    thick lips
    D origin well behind pectorals
    adult - small, embedded scales
    teeth - minute, in bands
    large pectorals
    LL complete
  • rear nostril in top lip
    D origin ~ over gill opening
    median fins well developed, confluent
    center roof of mouth - 2 rows teeth
    pectorals absent
    LL 1-2 pores above gill opening
  • rear nostril = eliptical hole before center large eye
    D origin ~ over gill opening
    LL: all body
    teeth large, sharp
    centre roof mouth - row large triangular teeth
  • D origin before gill opening
    tail ~ 1/2 TL
    teeth short, very blunt
  • jaws arched
    very long fangs
  • nostrils: front= tube + flap, rear = cup
    D: origin before gill opening
    large canines
  • black with white bars
    teeth very blunt
  • both nostrils = long tubes
    gill opening in black spot
  • eye large
    D: high, origin before pectoral
    D & A join C
    rear nostril = hole before eye
    broad pectoral
    LL = 5-7 pores over gill opening
  • D & A: low crests at rear
    tail < 1/3 TL, soft, blunt point
    nostrils: both tubular, rear above eye
  • rear nostril - hole/short tube over center eye
    D & A: low crests on rear of tail
    tail: ~ 1/2 TL, point blunt