Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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  • elongate, very compressed
    eyes lateral
    D IV-VI + I, 20-25
    C: elongate, oval
    mouth ~ vertical, lower jaw strongly projecting
    pelvics separate
    A I, 19-22
  • head & body compressed
    D: VII, spines often very long
    C: very long, pointed
    mouth large, very oblique
    pelvics = disc
    scales large, rough, on body & head
  • D: spines evenly spaced
    D & A not joined to C
    gill opening tubular
  • head & body compressed
    nape with crest
    D: VII, spines often long
    C: long, pointed
    mouth large, ~ vertical
    pelvics = disc
    scales smooth, small, only behind pectoral
  • head round
    body slender, compressed
    D1: VII
    C: long, oval or pointed
    mouth long, oblique at front, horizontal at rear
    pelvics = disc
    scales smooth, large, only behind pectorals
  • very elongate
    large eyes
    D at rear, 15-22 unbranched rays
    C 13
    bones incompletely developed
    no pelvics
    vertebral column end - a rod
    no scales