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  • head: no pores, many papillae
    D1: VII
    pelvics separate
    scales: only rear ~ 1/2 body
    C base - large, rough scales
  • elongate
    head pointed
    D1 VII
    small mouth
    scales large, rough
    head scaleless
    body scaled except chest & top of back before D spines 1-2
  • head flattened
    cheeks puffy
    D1: VII
    barbel on preopercle
    pelvics = disc
    no scales
  • D1: VI
    pectoral: upper rays = free filaments
    pelvics =disc
    scales large, rough
    body & nape scaled
  • head: flat, pores with flaps,
    D1: VII
    fringe cirri: rear of top lip
    pelvics well separate
    adults no scales
    juveniles: scales only C base
  • head short, compressed
    snout blunt, overhangs small mouth
    D1 V-VI
    pelvics = disc
    scales large, head & body, smooth & rough
  • head broad, pores with flaps
    D1: VII
    pelvics separate
    scales smooth, imbedded, on rear 3/4 body only
  • head: no pores, with papillae
    D1: VI
    body - strong narrow bars
    pelvics = disc
    scales rough, none on head
  • head depressed
    D1: VII
    C: oval, longer than head
    pelvics separate
    scales rough, large, only on body, 4 large on C base
  • head compressed
    D1 VII
    pelvics in disc
    no scales/scales on C base
    bars &/or spots
    C round