Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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  • head robust
    D: III spine finlet + main fin
    flaps both lips
    operculum, pectoral base & belly scaled
  • head large, deep
    D: continuous, origin over anus
  • head large
    eyes on stalks
    D: 1st 3-4 spines free, isolated, on nape
  • head moderate size
    D1: 3-spined finlet on nape
    C + branched rays
    belly scaleless
    lip flaps - lower only
    belly without scales
  • both lips + skin flaps
    D: 2-spine finlet + 2 free spines + main fin
    C no branched rays
    belly all scaled
  • head conical
    D: continuous, origin over anus
    lower jaw long, strongly projecting