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  • elongate, compressed
    D 23-25 rays
    mouth large, oblique, opens at front
    no large canines
    preopercle smooth
    A 7-8, 2nd spine 2/3 1st ray
  • elongate
    D X-XI, 21-23, deep notch
    inner pectoral base: black blotch
    no canines
    13-17 gill rakers
    preopercle smooth
    belly with ridge
    A: II, 9-10, thin, short spines
  • 2 well separated Ds
    LL: to end of forked tail
    pelvic base - large scale
    A: short base; 3 large, strong spines
  • elongate, compressed
    mouth large, oblique
    front of top jaws: 1 pair long canines
    preopercle smooth/serrated
    A: 2nd spine short weak, 8-20 rays