Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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  • D1: II-III
    1-4 lateral lines
    gill opening on side, before pectoral
    pelvic I, 2-3
  • ojos often stalked
    D & A long bases
    operculum: fringe of skin flaps
    LL: bent, ends under tail base
  • head wide, flat, spiny
    eyes above
    D:II-III isolated spines (1st=fish pole) then I-III spines in fin
    large sharp teeth
    gill opening behind pectoral
  • head: many spines & ridges
    spiny ridge under eye
    1D, notched
    teeth small, ~ uniform
    operculum 1-2 spines
  • D1: 0-V
    LL straight
    gill openings wide, reach under head
    behind operculum: large spine
    pelvic I, 5, under throat