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  • no scales: snout, under eye, lower jaw
    teeth on mouth roof
    preopercle serrated
  • 2 well separated Ds
    C deeply forked
    pelvic base: large scale
    A: short base, III large spines
    LL: to end of C
  • no scales: tip snout, lips, chin
    chin: 2-6 pores + groove
    teeth conical, not on roof of mouth
    A III
  • snout + pores
    C not forked
    LL: to end C
    chin: +/- (pores, barbels)
    bony plate at top corner operculum
    A I-II
  • D II-XI, 10-27, base soft part longer
    teeth: simple, canines, or incisors
    3 opercular spines
  • no scales: snout, under eye
    chin no pores
    preopercle smooth
    jaws: side teeth = molars
    pectorals long