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  • D II-XI, 10-27, base soft part longer
    teeth: simple, canines, or incisors
    3 opercular spines
  • rear nostril: bunch cirri
    D: spines with cirri
    pectoral: lower rays thick, long
  • D & A: large soft lobes = 2 extra "tails"
    roof of mouth - no teeth
    opercle - no exposed spines
  • no scales: snout, under eye, lower jaw
    teeth on mouth roof
    preopercle serrated
  • D 9-12 rays, spiny part base is longer
    small teeth
    operculum: 1-2 spines
  • head: many spines & ridges
    spiny ridge under eye
    1D, notched
    teeth small, ~ uniform
    operculum 1-2 spines