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  • male eye cirri very long, flattened
    male: 1st D spine ~ 4 skin flaps
    male: red brown; eye cirri green + orange; thin cream bars on body
    A 25-26
    female: pale spots in dark mesh, D with dark spot
  • snout: 2 smooth ridges
    male: black + red eye & cirri; D black & blue, 1 small flap on 1st spine
    female: D spines low & even; rows brown blotches on flank & A base
    A 21-24
  • snout: 2 smooth ridges
    eye cirrus - several branches
    male: dark, white back, dense brown spots; D (no flaps) blue lines + white spots
    female D: 1st spine long, large ocellus + orange spots
    A 23-24
  • snout: 2 ridges with tubercles
    male: head black, eye red, D - black, orange & blue, 1st spine - 3-5 skin flaps
    female: D- 1st 3 spines long, then notch; pale, white flecks, brown spots
    A 21-23
  • Eye cirrus long, black in male
    nostril cirrus small or absent
    male: 1st D spine - large flap at base
    male: blue grey with white spots and marks